IBPS SO IT Officer (Professional Knowledge) सराव पेपर 01

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परीक्षेचे नाव : IBPS SO IT Officer सराव पेपर 01 / Professional Knowledge
एकूण प्रश्न : ६०
एकूण गुण : ६०
वेळ : ४५ मिनिटे
Result ग्रेड : A Grade ( ४१ ते ६० मार्क्स) / B Grade ( २१ ते ४० मार्क्स) / C Grade ( ० ते २० मार्क्स)
There will be 1 mark for correct answer. No Negative Marking
निकाल पाहण्याकरिता “आपले मार्क्स पहा” या बटन वर क्लिक करा.

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13 records found

Name & Email Date Points % correct Result
December 24, 2019 11 18%
11 correct, 49 wrong, and 0 unanswered
December 16, 2019 9 15%
9 correct, 51 wrong, and 0 unanswered
December 9, 2019 9 15%
9 correct, 50 wrong, and 1 unanswered
December 6, 2019 12 20%
12 correct, 47 wrong, and 1 unanswered
December 5, 2019 5 8%
5 correct, 5 wrong, and 50 unanswered
December 5, 2019 3 5%
3 correct, 22 wrong, and 35 unanswered
December 5, 2019 18 30%
18 correct, 40 wrong, and 2 unanswered
December 5, 2019 12 20%
12 correct, 21 wrong, and 27 unanswered
December 5, 2019 6 10%
6 correct, 54 wrong, and 0 unanswered
December 5, 2019 0%
0 correct, 1 wrong, and 59 unanswered

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कृपया तुमचा ईमेल आयडी टाका. प्रश्नांची बरोबर उत्तरे तुम्हाला ईमेल करण्यात येतील.

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1. When users download an app from outside the device’s native app store; this is known as:


2. Which of the following is not a mobile biometric technology?


3. If you want to delete the Customer “Nyra” from the “Customers” table. which of the following is correct:


4. Which among the following backs up all the data that has changed?


5. belongs to which address class?


6. Which HTTP message shows “Request Timeout”?


7. The person who use his skills for security of organization is known as:


8. Which of the following is commonly used between hosts on the Internet to exchange routing information?


9. Which of the following is SMTP port number?


11. 802.10 IEEE standard used for:


12. What is the use of ESP in IPSec?


13. Which unix command is used to look at file and one page at a time?


14. Choose the odd one:


15. Which OSI model layer is responsible of compression-decompression as well as encryptiondecryption of data?


16. Which statement makes permanent the change made to the database during the current transaction?


17. Which type of operating system used in Air traffic control?


18. Convert the octal number 2322₈ to its decimal number equivalent:


19. Which of the following hold the actual data in the DBMS?


20. Which of the following shortcut key is used to move slide to beginning in MS PowerPoint?


21. In which type of security threats, someone tries to steal information that computers, smartphones, or other devices transmit over a network?


22. Which of the following kind of computer virus that hides and stores itself within the computer memory, which then allows it to infect any file that is run by the computer, depending on the virus’ programming?


23. Which type of testing strategy deals with the internal logic and structure of the code?


24. Which of the following layer is not User Support layer?


25. Which of the following is a not a necessary condition for deadlock?


26. Which of the following is not a relational database?


27. Tuple variables in SQL are defined in which clause?


28. Speed of super computer measure in:


29. Which one of the following is not a Linux distribution?


31. . Which type of firewall can provide additional functionality such as content caching and security by preventing direct connections from outside the network?


32. The default extension for an Oracle SQL*Plus file is:


33. Which malware spreads via fake Adobe Flash updates and tricking users into clicking the malware by falsely alerting the user that their Flash player requires an update?


34. What is livelock?


35. Which command is used to execute compiled java program?


36. What is segmentation in operating system?


37. When you want to delete data from a data structure that is empty this situation is called:


38. The software used to drive microprocessor-based systems is called:


39. Which of the following service is responsible for changing the source IP address of a packet to the IP address of the public interface on the router.


40. Which of the following protocol is used to automatically assigns a unique IP address to each device that connects to a network?


41. Which of the following device is used to regenerate the signal, so that increases the signal’s strength and it can be transmitted and received over a greater distance without a loss in quality?


42. Which transaction property ensure that multiple transactions can occur concurrently without leading to inconsistency of database state?


43. Which type of maintenance mainly deals with implementing new or changed user requirement?


44. Boundary Value Analysis is based on which design technique?


45. System threat mechanism by which a hacker can detects system vulnerabilities to make an attack on the system is known as:


46. Which of the following file accessing method contains a pointer to a various block?


48. Which of the following allows to create complex entities from existing entities and relationships?


49. C++ encourages structure of software as a collection of components that are ____


50. In which type of communication, a message is sent out on the network and is destined for a group of systems?


51. Which of the following is not a transaction state in DBMS?


52. Someone who breaks into the telephone network illegally, typically to make free longdistance phone calls or to tap phone lines:


53. Which of the network security attacks are a series of minor data security attacks that together result in a larger attack?


54. Which operator is used to combine the result-set of two or more SELECT statements?


55. What is XaaS in cloud computing?


56. Finacle, core banking solution software developed by which company?


57. PJNF Stand for:


58. Printf() function in C is:


59. What is SQL Injection?


60. Which of the following is a view of the database that appears to an application program?


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